One of the toughest facts for a materialistic view of the universe to explain is our own consciousness. All of us experience it. It is an ongoing experiment on the materialist’s worldview—an experiment that disproves this ideology for anyone who hasn’t sold their soul to get rid of God.

The materialist explanation says that consciousness is an illusion (if so, a very good one.) We merely experience awareness of the world and our self because of brain chemistry and neural interaction. We cease to exist when the electro-chemistry stops. A corollary to this is that there is no such thing as a free will. I am typing this blog, because I have no choice but to do it. It is the result of the cause and effect laws of physics. Seriously? Who can believe this? We do not need to measure our conscious soul because we are doing so with every experience that we have and every choice that we make.

It is true that electro-stimulation can produce sensations and experiences that are not happening in reality, this is taken as proof that our reality and consciousness are resident in the brain. But what it is proving is something akin to proving that a steering wheel turns the wheels of a car. It does not prove that the steering wheel drives the car by itself. Our brain is an interface between our consciousness (soul) and our bodies. That interaction causes activity in parts of our brains. The activity does not cause consciousness or will itself.

The immaterial nature of our consciousness/soul puts science in a place it does not like to be. Our soul is beyond the tools that science has at its disposal. Science can only measure the effect and not the cause. So if one does not want to accept what revelation says about our natures, then you only have the unsatisfying and clearly wrong materialistic explanation above or a very vague and unprovable theory of an immaterial “mind”.

The Bible tells us that we are a body and soul. The words “soul” and “spirit” are usually used synonymously, but in a few cases are used to describe us as body, soul and spirit. The meaning of the third part is not as clear. It could refer to our connection to God Himself, or possibly to the interaction of brain and consciousness described above. Either way, our immaterial portion of ourselves is described as eternal. It doesn’t become non-existent when the interaction with our brain stops; nor do we slip into unconsciousness (at least not for long).

Ultimately, our consciousness will interact with a body or bodies (One in Heaven the other in a New Earth or, without Christ, one in Hell). The location of that interaction and the pleasure of it depends on God’s judgment of us as His creation. This is what most people who reject the bible want to explain way. But just like you still have cancer even if you never test for cancer, you are a soul under the sovereignty of God even if you deny it. The sad part of denying God and nature of what you are is that God is not your enemy. He is not eager to damn anyone. His just nature will require damnation, but His mercy has given an out. Jesus’ death and resurrection is that out.

If you wish to know more about the Bible reveals about our soul, death and life after death, I commend to you my other blog There you will find an extensive list of articles on what the Bible says.

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