Order and Information

A few weeks back I put forward a blog that questioned whether many atheists or “nones” seriously look at the evidence to arrive at their conclusion that God doesn’t exist or isn’t knowable or relevant. One response (viewable in the comments) took issue with my assertion. I replied to part of his or her response in the comments and in my last blog. I would like to continue my response to this line in their comment, “Complexity does not need a god either. Just the laws of physics allow that to happen and no god is needed to “use” information.

Order and complexity can come in a couple of different forms. The shape of a snowflake is clearly orderly (because of its symmetry) and complex. This combination can be attributed to the shape of the water molecule and laws of chemical binding. This type of order and complexity could be attributed to God’s creative ability or not. The type of order that you find in DNA is a very different story. DNA stores the information necessary to form all the proteins necessary to create a living thing. It regulates how much is produced and where it is sent. It cannot be explained simply by chemical binding laws. The order and complexity of DNA is much more comparable to a book or computer code.

So how would you explain the order of letters in a book or the binary code in computer language? No one with any sense would attribute this to chance. The odds would be so great that “getting lucky” is no longer plausible. The best explanation based on our experience of where such information comes from is a mind. There is no other reasonable explanation.

Some have suggested that the basics of life were seeded here by a previous alien life form. This answers nothing, but merely kicks the can down the road. Where did said life form come from?

God is a being outside of the created order of universe. God is not a being formed by the laws of physics. Rather the opposite is true. The God who presents himself in the Bible gives us a name that describes his existence, Yahweh, in English “I am, I was, I will be”. God has no beginning or end. He is beyond the constrains of time.

DNA is complex and its mechanisms are amazing, but it does mess up. If there is a god, couldn’t he do a better job? The Bible is explicit in saying that the world we are experiencing is not as God originally created it. It speaks of “the curse”, which I would understand as God simply backing off a bit and letting the universe run a bit uncontrolled. The results are many: birth defects, aging, illness, death. It is not just an impact on living things either. The entire cosmos is now modestly defective because the “intelligent” and free creatures within it rejected God’s dominion. That includes people, angels and ultimately Satan.

While that narrative seems mythical to some, it is more reasonable than telling yourself that information, especially complex information, comes from chance operating in a meaningless universe. The Bible’s narrative does not present a “god of the gaps” as many ancient, pagan religions do. God is transcendent and the order and information that we find within the universe suggests that this is true.

For a helpful and interesting interview on this topic, let me suggest the following:https://www.discovery.org/v/53068/?fbclid=IwAR3pGdFoQnzZTmx0r58MG9fY2RcKQqQ25dXdEvoiywMrDKPts2Uv0UHlRKE

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