A Fine-Tuned Universe

Let’s say that you are the lone occupant of an island, on which you were born. Your parents are both deceased, and to your knowledge you are alone in the world. Your parents never spoke of other humans beyond your shores.

One day you are walking along the beach and you find a finely machined drive shaft. You know that you and parents didn’t and couldn’t produce it, but you reason that maybe unguided nature could produce such a piece. A little further down the beach you find a bearing that perfectly fits the shaft, then another one. In time you find further pieces that all assemble into an engine. What is your conclusion? You may wish to believe that you are alone, but reason tells you such finely tuned things were made with purpose by a creator.

Is the universe like this or are we just super lucky? The laws of physics explain how the universe works. It is not chaotic but very ordered. For some reason, mathematics can explain the motion and behavior of the cosmos. Not only so, but the laws of physics have finely tuned constants that if they varied even slightly solar systems wouldn’t exist, carbon wouldn’t exist, the Earth wouldn’t exist, life wouldn’t exist and somebody pondering the reason for life wouldn’t exist anywhere in this universe.

Those who are dismissive of God, tend to also be dismissive of the importance of life, and downplay the uniqueness and importance of Earth. Yes, it is a small speck in the midst of specklessness as Bill Nye once said; but it is a very strange speck.

We are here to ponder it. The laws of physics are exactly what they need to be. If you argue that human life has no significance, then you must explain why so many factors are just the way that they are. To appeal to luck is mathematical nonsense. To conclude that the creation of life is inevitable because we are here is baseless. Yes, the laws needed to be something, but at some point the coincidence goes beyond credible description as luck. At some point it is so improbable that you have to conclude that someone or something designed it–someone who is from outside of the created order, not inside of it. The fine-tuned universe is evidence. You can measure it. A so-called scientific explanation of it is not.

To ease the probabilistic problem created by so many factors seemingly working together, some scientists have theorized the “multiverse”. The multiverse is a theoretical scenario where an infinite number of universes could co-exist making the situation we have here on Earth more likely. For a discipline that prides itself on proof, the multiverse is pretty funny. Atheistic materialists call the God of the Bible a “god of the gaps”. This is clearly a theory of the gaps. A very big gap. Mockingly, religion and Intelligent Design was described as a random, proof-less belief comparable to believing in a “flying spaghetti-monster” to the Kansas Board of Education. The multiverse is their flying spaghetti monster.

But what about the rest of this huge universe? Would a real, all-powerful god create all of this universe, much if not all of which is deadly for humans, and still have us as the main purpose? The Bible says the creation was made by Christ and for Him. It does not say it was made for us. The purpose of the rest of the universe could be many things: a creative outlet, a demonstration of power, a place for other intelligent life, or just the by-product of the laws He created. It can’t be said that the rest of the universe is flawed or a product of a bad, creative skill set when you don’t know what God made it to do. But you would have to agree it is beautiful.

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