God’s Unusual Justice

Human beings did not create themselves, and the proof for saying that we are just the product of chance is more claim than evidence.  We are a complicated, thinking reflection of a being who made us; and as much as many don’t like this, we are therefore subject to God’s sense of justice.  That said, God’s justice probably isn’t what you think and its not how you would judge.

Our sense of justice is very individualistic.  If you did the crime, you do the time.  God does judge us as individuals, but there is also a strong element of collective guilt and collective innocence.

The Bible reveals that when God initially formed our species the first people (Adam and Eve) held a very powerful position within all of Creation.  They represented everybody and everything.  If they messed up, everything got messed up.  Unfortunately, they messed up.  That doesn’t seem fair to me, but I don’t get to define what is fair.  One result of their disobedience to God, is what is referred to as sinful nature.  The Bible says sinful nature is part of our flesh (Rom. 7).  We all have it from conception (Psalm 51:5).  It fights against God (Galatians 5).  It (sin/sinful nature) came from one man (Adam) and results in death (Rom 5:12f).  I think it is safe to say that sinful nature is a genetic alteration of what humans are supposed to be and as a result we all break God’s commands and we all fail to meet God’s standard for eternal life with Him.  We were conceived damned.

Do you want proof that this isn’t mythical hogwash?  Watch a baby.  Does it know how to be selfish, mean, hostile, disobedient or do you have to teach it those things? How about the study of our genome?  Are we not identifying how certain behaviors find their roots there?  We feel that we shouldn’t be judged, let alone damned, for something that we could not control.  Perhaps a more understandable metaphor would be that of an inherited disease.  God will not allow the contamination of our inherited disease to pollute heaven like it has polluted earth.

The good news, in this otherwise hopeless scenario, is that God hasn’t abandoned us to our fate.  Just like one man created a collective guilt and damnation, so another man can create a collective innocence and salvation.  That is what Jesus has done.  Jesus’ work doesn’t save everyone, though theoretically it could have; but everyone who gets connected to Jesus and what He did is saved (given forgiveness and eternal life with God) despite their sinful nature.

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