Why Is Jesus Important?

It is truly hard to imagine that there could be nothing after our death.  Every religion and even those who reject religion think or at least hope there could be something more.  This is especially true and death draws near.

Maybe even more inconceivable is that what comes next may not be good.  We will certainly all die.  It is the one thing we definitely will have in common. Does it make sense to ignore this fact or assuage our fears with assumptions about going to Heaven?  We should know as much as possible.

This blog with cover a host of topics regarding what the Bible says about receiving eternal life and debates relative to this topic.  If you are somebody who does not necessarily trust the Bible as a source of information about this topic, then my goal is simply to let you know what it says and the rest is up to God.  If you do believe in the Bible, then this blog is meant to sharpen your understanding so that you can share it with others.  My motive is simply this.  I believe this, and I want you to have eternal life with me.  You may think it is silly, but you can’t impugn my motive.  I write it because I care.

Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6   These words are bold, hopeful and also exclusive.  What is so important about Jesus that He could make this statement?  Why is Jesus therefore important to you?

You need to understand (for starters) that God is not like you.  He has a sense of justice that is much different than yours.  I will explain this in the following entry.

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