Being A Witness At Work

We spend a great deal of our time at our place of employment.  It is at our work that Christians rub shoulders with the most people who are non-Christian or at least not practicing.  Now that I am a pastor, that no longer holds true for me.  But prior to going to Seminary, I did work at a nuclear power plant.  There isn’t much I miss about that work, but I do miss the diverse group of people and the chance to witness.

So can a Christian be a witness in his or her workplace?  Many businesses have strict rules about such things.  Those rules should be respected. But one way to be a good witness is to be a good worker.  Do your job, whatever it is, as if you are doing it for Christ. Work ethic is a diminishing thing in our society and loyalty to and from a company is waning as well.  Doing your job well, whether the company or co-workers deserve it or not says something.  God considers it to be praise of Him.  It certainly says that you are different for some reason.

The next thing every Christian can do is to genuinely care about your co-workers.  See them as more than people you have to put up with every workday, even if they are not a joy to be around.  If you care and listen to their hurts, you will at very least understand them better.  They will also notice and appreciate it (true compassion is rare too).  The demands of the workplace may make this hard to do, but you can only do your best.

The next step can be more controversial.  Offer to pray for people.  Some people are so anti-god that they will refuse or even ask you not to pray.  Don’t argue the merits of prayer with them.  Just do it.  God will do something creative.  Check in with people about their lives after you start to pray.  It both shows that you still care and that you are doing something positive about their situation.  Of course, if there is some physical help you can offer, do that too.  True neighborliness is declining too.

Work hard, be kind, pray and then let God bring you into a deeper conversation when the time is right.  You don’t have to force a discussion about Jesus.  Jesus himself will stimulate the discussion and you will be included if you have been faithful with the preceding steps.

Interested people will feel welcome to ask you questions, but sometimes it is awkward at work.  Make some space to be with co-workers outside of work.  Join a company team, go to parties, invite people to parties, go golfing; but continue to pray for them.

Maybe your opportunity to truly put the Gospel before somebody will be in the form of inviting them to a bible study or worship; but don’t be afraid to share how God has worked in your life or to share answers to their questions to the best of your abilities.  There is no shame in not having all the answers.  Remember, you are not really making a believer through superior logic.  Believers are made through exposure to the Word of God, and it is a super-honor and exhilarating experience to be the conduit for God to work.


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