I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Fish don’t typically fare well in the sport of fishing. At best they are pulled out of the water in what looks like an uncomfortable method.  At worst they are eaten.

Jesus was, of course, punning around with Peter’s profession when He said, “I will make you fishers of men.”  There would be no nets or hooks or killing.  People will still resist what feels like being caught.  There is no doubt that when someone asks to speak to you about Jesus, it feels like they are trying to entrap you.  I really hate that.

I believe that bringing the story and promise of Jesus to a person is bringing the potential of saving them from an eternal Hell and saving them for a joyful eternal existence with God and possibly with me.  I do not care to rob them of their culture, deceive them about reality, push a political agenda, even get them involved in an organization or anything like that.  This fishing really has no “hook”.  There is nothing negative hiding in my agenda.  The world trains us to be wary.  Persons who come bearing a religious conversation come to ensnare you.

Marine mammals who get caught in fishing nets must freak out if they see divers coming their way.  They must think that they have come to kill me.  How wonderful to find that they have come to cut me out of the net and set me free.  People who bring the Gospel to others are doing the same thing.  They are there to set people free in the most profound way possible.

If you are a non-Christian, please don’t panic when somebody wants to talk about Jesus.  Please consider it as an act of love and educational at the worst.

If you are a Christian, understand your motive and goal.  Witnessing is only OK as an act of love.  It’s goal is nothing less than eternal life.  Tell people that, if they are trying to escape you.  Let them “drive”.  They can ask the questions, if they want.  They can say when enough is enough.

Should they find, by the power of God, that they are being cut out of a net rather than ensnared by one, then they will realize that you have done them the most important service that anyone can give.  But only God can get them to that point.

Jesus spoke of being fishers of men, but in reality it is sort of the opposite of fishing.  It is becoming the liberators of men.


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