Faith and Proof

“I was taught to not believe in anything unless there is proof.”  Sometimes such a credo serves a person well.  We can jump to many wrong conclusions and inferences for a lack of real proof.  It is often helpful to remain skeptical until thorough investigation is made.  There are questions where evidence can only take you so far, however.

Belief in the existence of God and the promises of God is one such area.  The problem is not with the lack of evidence.  The complexity and order of nature abounds with proof of the existence of God.    The existence of the promises of God are supported by the eyewitnesses of Jesus and Old Testament prophecy that predicted God’s actions and promises.  The problem is with the human mind.  We are physiologically incapable of saving faith.  The observable result of this is a general hostility to God and a bias toward things that God identifies as sinful.

Saving faith is not a trust built on a cognitive evaluation of the facts.  Saving faith is a bond created by the Holy Spirit between and individual and Jesus.  It is the result of God “getting to you” not so much somebody convincing you.  As a result, arguing about historical facts surrounding Jesus has only limited utility.  At best, you might disarm one of many barriers that a person creates to ease their mind about the existence of God and judgment.

People whom God has reached, find that they now care about the eternal destiny of others.  Once you belong to God, He fills your heart with His.  He cares, so you care.  Frustratingly, you cannot force saving faith on anyone with any means.  Logic, physical or financial threats, crying, laws, nothing produces saving faith.  All you really can do is to love people because you are Christian, grow up to be the disciple God intends you to be for others to see, and to share with others the story and promises of Jesus.  The rest is up to God.

What God actually does to a person to “get them” is a mystery.  It can feel to a person like they simply believed an explanation.  It may seem that they “found Jesus”.  It can even feel like an inexplicable, dumb-founding experience where suddenly you believe but you don’t know why.  Those are the best.

As long as it happens, I don’t care how.  If you don’t believe Jesus is the one road to eternal life, realize that the people who do are not that different than you.  We would all be lost to God, but something happened.  God broke through to them.  Also, realize that most of us do care about you.  Sometimes we are bad at showing it, but we really do want you to have something that is beyond both comprehension and cost.  We sometimes get frustrated that saving faith is as complicated as it is.  Jesus lived and died the way He did for a purpose.  That purpose is to get our sinful being to Heaven.


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