Are You a Meaningless Speck in the Universe?

Many of us have seen pictures of the Earth taken from the farthest space probe, Voyager.  It is but a little speck and, relatively speaking, Voyager isn’t that far away when compared to the immensity of the universe.  Zoom up now and look at the Earth itself.  Seven billion people.  Who would miss me?  I am but one of them.

The kind of scientist that gets in the media these days is usually a materialist who deeply believes that human life is meaningless except for the meaning we might assign to ourselves.  We are just chemistry, even our consciousness and sense of being is just an epiphenomena of our brain chemistry.  To truly believe this will either create a “devil may care” attitude or the deepest despair.

Don’t believe it.  It’s crap.  It is the baseless conjecture of those who are trying to escape the inevitable reality of God.  You may be one of seven billion, but you are also a marvelously constructed being of great potential that is loved by your Creator.  You are unique.  You are worth Jesus going to the cross to save you.

You may be only a little more complex than other creatures, but God has only made humans in his image and Son of God has only ever become a human.

You may live on a speck in an immense universe, but it is an intentionally unique speck.  It is just the right distance from the right sized star to create life.  Earth is protected by the right magnetic field and by large planets that absorb the destruction of rogue comets.  Earth has the right sized moon and the right type of atmosphere.  There are many factors that make the Earth unique.  Life is not as simple as having water, and any claim that there are probably millions of Earths out there is rubbish to get government funding.

As far as that big universe goes, the Earth is in just the right place in the Milky Way galaxy to observe that big, beautiful universe.  It is almost as though the whole thing was created for our benefit.

Your insignificance is highly oversold.  You are important.  If to nobody else, than you are important to God; and, in the end, only that relationship counts.  So if you ever feel alone, lost, insignificant, a failure, then look to the Bible to get another take on you.  You will find that you are a sinner in God’s eyes, but a sinner worth saving.  You will find that God has a plan for you in this life and, more significantly, beyond this life.

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