When No Need for Jesus Is Felt

There are a growing group of people in our country who describe themselves as “Nones” in terms of religion.  The make up a significant segment of the young people.  Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to imagine being a none and how one gets to the point of not “needing” God.

Unlike the need for food or air the absence of relationship with God does not bring on an unavoidable urge to which you must attend.  Ask no deep questions and look no further than living in the present and you too can be a none.

The None must fill in a few blanks, but that is easy to do.  We need a sense of purpose beyond mere survival.  The purpose need not be profound.  A great hobby or goal to travel to different spots can temporarily suffice.  Want something meatier, than you can live for your children or help “save the planet”.

What happens when you die as a “none”?  Death seems far away so it is not a burning question.  Perhaps you just disappear, or reincarnate or maybe everybody goes to Heaven.  Hard to tell.

Being a None is peaceful but strongly delusional.  Not only is God necessary but we are heading for a meaningless life and a disastrous afterlife without Jesus.  Life’s inevitable tragedies are left to be fought alone.  Satan loves it.  When you are a None, you are like a fattened pig all calmed down before you are slaughtered.

There is a sense of urgency when somebody you love is a None.  The urgency is good, but don’t let is devolve into panic, pushing or even threats.  You must do the hard work of loving them and living out your discipleship before them.  Be faithful in prayer and worship.  Let your deeds match your beliefs. Wait and pray for the day that they will ask you, “Why?”  Why are you this way?  What do you have that I do not have?

If you don’t have such a close relationship with a particular None.  You may have to be a bit more assertive.  Ask about their “religion”.  Be interested in knowing what they think about and do not think about; and then ask the hard questions.  “What is the meaning of life?”  “What happens to us when we die?”  “How did this all get here?”  Let them know why you don’t accept some of the unexamined pat answers.  Tell them your answers.  God must do the rest.

For many Nones, there is a vague acknowledgment of God.  They are not against God.  They have seen things about religion that they don’t want to be a part. You need to be ready to explain why there can be such things as hypocrisy and clashes of belief.  Don’t be a part of those things.  However, we have a calling to worship God, know Him, teach about Him.  These are pivotal to the God-given purpose of this life, and time is wasting if you live as a None.

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