God’s Word vs. Social Darwinism

The theory of evolution by natural selection has certainly posed a challenge to the faith of many.  The theory presents an imaginable but certainly not proven or likely scenario through which the vast complexity of life came to be.  If life can be just the product of chance chemical processes then the existence of God is at least put in doubt if not disproved.

While Darwinism was meant to be an explanation of how life might have come to be, the implications of Darwinism are far reaching and if a person believes this to be true and then lives consistently with this worldview, certain dangerous dogmas can arise.  If our brains aren’t sharp enough to discern that Darwinism isn’t true, then hopefully our conscious would tell us so.  Sadly, this doesn’t always happen.

Hitler’s view of the world was consistent with Darwinism.  It was also completely crazy-town and perversely evil, but it was consistent.  Hitler understandably felt that human beings were still undergoing a process of evolution and that races represented groups in competition within this process.  He felt that nature was only working well when races went to war over limited resources.  We were meant to fight it out so that the superior race could advance the preferred gene pool. This is survival of the fittest. His problem with the Jews is that he felt they spread the idea that the world was created and that all races had value.  This worldview inhibited the process of evolution.  Nature would only be free once the Jews were eliminated.

Social Darwinism has other implications.  Humans are only just animals.  None of us has any intrinsic value.  Our lives are basically meaningless.  Abortion is therefore just a practical convenience.  Since people are without value why defend them?  After all, we are probably just eliminating inferior humans anyway.  The poor and less intelligent don’t deserve to be defended.  They will only poison the advance of the species and will not serve an economic purpose in the future.

People who consider themselves to be intelligent, too intelligent to believe in God, are often not intelligent enough to consider the full implications of their worldview.  They impose an inconsistent form of morality on a Darwinian system, they invent a purpose for their own existence, and they don’t notice their own hypocrisy when they speak of evolution, the universe or nature as being “creative”.  “Creative” implies an intelligence which none of these things possesses.  In fact, random chemical processes can be observed as being destructive not creative.  Social Darwinism is also destructive not creative.

We will become an uncivilized, unkind, unhappy collection of animals if we allow ourselves to be fooled by a theory that can’t even explain how life started, has no satisfying explanation for our consciousness, and whose most relied on proof (homology) is better explained by a common creator and epigenetics rather than common ancestry.

The very fact that doubts about Darwinism can’t be expressed in academic settings should give you a hint about both the truthfulness of the theory and its ultimate source.  Darwinism, especially Social Darwinism are not benign at all.

God’s Word paints a different picture–a true one.  It states that all creatures have value; that we are deliberately and ingeniously created, not chance; that God does care for us and has an eternal existence for us; and that problems of this world find their root in Satan not God.  This is more than a kinder mythology.  It is an explanation with both proof and consistency.

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