Do You Have a Conversation Piece?

Many people want to avoid a conversation about religion at all costs.  It is the one thing in American society that still is taboo.  There is a good reason for that and it is not because religious talk creates conflict and uncomfortable moments.  It is because Satan doesn’t want us to talk, so he manipulates our fears.

Religious conversation can be informative, pleasant and stimulating.  Just be polite, listen most of the time, share the Gospel without pushing it and let the Holy Spirit do His job.

If you ready to talk to others about Jesus, the next problem is starting such a conversation when other people are avoiding it as well.  One possible conversation starter can be an object that says, “I’m a Christian” in some way.  If allowable, it might be something on your desk at work.  It can be a decoration on your lawn at Christmas.  It can be something you wear.  Notice what other people have in their personal space.  Ask them about their lives.  Do you see a picture of their family.  Ask about them.  Do you see a religious symbol?  Ask what it means.  If you ask questions, it gives people unspoken permission to ask you.  Let others start the conversation about Jesus in this way.

As a pastor my office is loaded with such things.  This strategy doesn’t work for me.  But I was an engineer for awhile, so I know how office banter works.  If I where an engineer today, I would place one thing in my space as a conversation starter.  I would make it as interesting as possible.  I would start with a painted cross I bought in Haiti which depicts the Last Supper.  Eventually, I would replace that with a scary looking crown of thorns around Easter time.

Books could provide such a discussion starter.  If you can read during your lunch, bring a Christian book to work.

Maybe the item doesn’t have to be overtly Christian, but the story behind it might be an opportunity to share your witness.  The could be a picture of a certain time of life or a memento from a funeral.

As Christians, we should be willing to share our lives and to be interested in the lives of others.  Talk with people about all topics, but create a small space to talk about Jesus and let God lead people to you.

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