Sharing Jesus at Christmas

If we can’t talk about Jesus at Christmas, when can we talk?  The celebration of Jesus’ birth gives a natural in to talk about Jesus.  You can send Christmas cards with a personalized explanation of the Gospel.  I did that with co-workers before I became a pastor and it opened opportunities to talk later.  One co-worker actually sent me a letter years after I have left to tell me of his new found faith.

Do you decorate your house at Christmas?  Why not put up something with Jesus in it.  My street has one Jesus display (mine) and two of Mickey Mouse.  That’s really sad, but it points to the need of speaking of Jesus, because Mickey isn’t going to help when you are standing before God.  Decorations with Jesus at your workplace could also be a conversation starter.  Always be ready to give account for the hope you have, but with humility and respect.

How about when family visits?  Is everyone in your family a Christian?  Most people would have to say “no”, but they would also admit that certain relatives refuse to talk.  Christmas gives the opportunity to make it general rather than pointed at the relatives in question.  Take a moment to say what Jesus means to you.

Of course, you can invite people to Church.  It is one of the most beautiful times of the year in our congregation.  People like to come for the music and decorations alone.  Just get them there.  The Holy Spirit has to do the rest.

Of all the gifts we give, the only one that will last is Jesus.  It is a gift of God that is pure love.  It is a gift from us that is love as well.

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