Send Me

“Send me” might not be your greatest desire when it comes to talking about the Gospel of Jesus.  Most of us are more than a little intimidated.  We want certain people to hear about Jesus but rather have God send somebody else.  So what is the difference between the timid Christian and a guy like the Apostle Paul who stated to the Romans that he was “eager to have a harvest among you”?

Certainly how the Holy Spirit has gifted you can be a difference, but it also can be experience.  Paul had experienced the joy, exhilaration and fellowship with God that comes with sharing the Gospel and seeing it connect with people.  The Gospel doesn’t always connect, but when it does it is exciting.  You see God at work.  You know that something very valuable, eternally valuable is happening, and you are in the midst of it.  It doesn’t take too many experiences like that and you are then saying to God, “send me”, and no one is twisting your arm.

As a pastor, I find myself frequently surrounded by Christians and cut off from the general populace that doesn’t know the Gospel.  I love the fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ, but there is something about being with those who don’t know.

I used to work in a power plant.  The situation was very different there.  Most of the people around me were non-, former- or nominal Christians.  I didn’t try to jam the Gospel into every situation, but I let it be known what I was about.  I also prayed frequently “send me”.

I remember one day I prayed for an opportunity before leaving for work.  I didn’t even get to my desk before I heard a somewhat heated discussion about Christianity. I was willing to step right in, reduce the heat, and share about Jesus.  Clearly several in the group had not heard what I shared before.  God set it up.

Other people sought me out to talk about God in private.  They knew I cared about them.  They knew I would talk about Jesus, and they really wanted to talk.   It was just awkward to do so in the office.

These days I get more opportunities in formal settings like funerals, weddings, invitations to hospital beds and the like.  It is still exciting.  I don’t always see the end product of what I say, but that is the Holy Spirit’s business and not mine.

I don’t know how your opportunities will come or with whom, but God needs anybody willing to be a witness.  Anybody willing to say, “send me”.  When an opportunity arrives, you will know.  Trust God, ask questions, care for the person.  Sometimes people will talk so much that you will wonder if you will get the chance to speak.  They are more nervous than you.  Don’t judge them and be patient.  They have to stop for air sometime.  When they do tell them what God has done.  Tell them that Jesus has died for our sins and that eternal life is real and offered to them.

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