The Power of Love

Talking about Jesus scares most people.  I do it professionally, and there can be moments that it still scares me.  It’s not that I think that people will mock me, or outwit me, or hurt my feelings or beat me.  I’m pretty confident that I can meet most objections head on or physically defend myself if necessary.  I’m am often afraid that I will make the other person uncomfortable, if I speak to them about Jesus.  So there is this little bump of fear I have to get over.  Your fear may be different.

I am convinced that there is a Heaven and a Hell.  I am also convinced that Jesus is the incarnate Son of God and that He lived, died and rose again, making Him the unique source of eternal life with God.  Everybody needs Jesus–no exceptions.  How lame is it that I firmly believe these things but can let the fear of social awkwardness stop me from sharing about Jesus when an opportunity presents itself?  I admit it’s extremely lame.  Your excuse is not much better, whatever it is.

Something has to get us over our innate tendency to keep quiet about Jesus.  Yes, we don’t want to become an obnoxious person who everybody avoids because we try to force feed the Gospel everywhere.  I am talking about the ripe moments that the Holy Spirit has clearly set up for us.  There is only one perfect motivator to drive us over the hump–love.    For any of us to be well used by God, we have to grow to the point where we love people. This means loving even strangers and enemies.

Love like that comes from God.  It is actually God’s love overflowing into our minds.  God loves these people and for some strange reason so do I.  I want them to be with me in Heaven.  I care whether they face judgment for their sins or not.  I want their lives to be fulfilled and God-led.  It is hard to get in touch with that kind of love in a quick, chance encounter, but it can be done.  We should start with loving the people we know well.  We need to be praying for them by name.  We need to feel their spiritual need.

God can take us to new heights of love from there.  He can help us see in people what He sees in them.  Their beauty, value, potential and eternity.  Love for a person will act to share Jesus with a person, whether it is a little awkward or not.  Love helps you present yourself well and not react to push-back negatively.  Love will result in people being part of your reward in eternity.  Think about it.  I look forward to the day either in Heaven or the New Earth, where I will see and embrace somebody with whom I shared the good news of Jesus.  That will be a beautiful moment of incalculable worth.

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