What Is the Source of Evil?

Can anyone argue that there is no such thing as evil?  The horrors that people are willing to commit against each other staggers the imagination.  Reading about it sickens you.  Read about the atrocities committed during World War II.  You are probably more familiar with the death camp atrocities committed by the Germans against the Jews.  Less familiar is the conduct of the Japanese in China.  These are not isolated incidents.  Recently, ISIS has captured the prize for evil.  They are not alone.  Read about what the Mexican cartels do to women and men in human sex trafficking.

Is this behavior just an example of the survival of the most fit?  Humans and their socialization share a great deal of the blame, but it would not seem to be enough to sink to the depths we sink.  The Bible lays the blame for at least the root of evil on a being–Satan.  Where does Satan come from?  God created all things. God created Satan, but God did not directly create evil.  Evil is the absence or the rebellion against God.

I suppose God could have created all things with an inability to do evil.  We could all be some form of good robots who only do kindnesses to each other.  For the limited information we have about Satan and the limited understanding of what it means to know and love God, it seems that Satan was made with a completely free will.  Free to love and free to be jealous and free to hate.  His freedom has now defined his character.  His character is expressed in profound hatred of God and all people, but especially in a hatred for any people known as God’s people.  That hatred is transmitted to all mankind genetically.  The Bible calls it sinful nature.  King David says, “Surely I have been sinful from birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” (Psalm 51:5)  You don’t have to teach a child to be bad, they have it in them.  Anyone who has raised a child will know this.  Genetically capable of evil and inclined to be selfish, we are too easily manipulated, perverted and desensitized by rhetoric, scapegoating, abuse, breakdowns in law and order and I’m sure by spiritual powers of evil.

Evil does not disprove God or His goodness.  Evil is now a part of our world and we should not be surprised by it in the least.  Instead, we need to be aware of it not only in the world but in ourselves.  Only God can fix it.  Only Jesus can save us from it.

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