Is Covid in the Bible?

I am not one of those pastors who wants to connect everything in the news to a biblical prophecy. I do agree that we are in the “End Times”; this designation applies to the whole time between Jesus’ ascension and return, however. It is not the moniker for the immediate end of the world.

Communicable disease is definitely in the Bible. Leprosy being the most prominent. “Pestilence” is mentioned many times in the Old Testament. Clearly epidemics if not pandemics are nothing new to the world. Perhaps the real question is, “Is Covid a specific act of God’s wrath against mankind?” I doubt it.

Surely this is not the answer we seek. Some want to say “I told you so”. Others would like it to be a proof of God or His ability to bring judgment. Fact is deadly disease is a part of the “curse” and has been from the beginning. Had it been a specific punishment I would have expected a prophetic forewarning. Assigning any disaster to the wrath of God after the fact is not impressive.

I do think an event like this should be a reminder of the fragility of life and the reality of life impacted by the curse. God didn’t make a world to be like this. Forsaking God and wanting to be God ourselves has created this mess. We should expect such difficulties. That said, being good stewards of our life requires doing what is necessary to minimize damage and protect the lives of others. Some have reacting to vaccines and masks as a major threat to liberty or health. Some terrible theologians have even tried to say they are the mark of the Beast. The mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16) will be something that constitutes an enforced repudiation of Jesus. It is not just a government mandate. That is complete false teaching. We are very blessed to have the knowledge and technology that we have. So many have been helpless in the face of pandemics of the past.

Records are inadequate to accurately measure the impact of tuberculous (still active), small pox, cholera (also still active) and the bubonic plague (which you can still catch but is very treatable). Perhaps if you could add all of them up, it would get close to a fourth of the population attached to the rider of the pale horse in Revelation 6:7-8.

Don’t be mislead by mere hype. Covid is a serious problem, but not the end of the world.


  1. I know of two LCMS ministers from my home town who have refused to get the vaccine. One died at age 30 leaving a wife and two small children. The other couldn’t hold Sunday morning service because he had been around the minister who died and therefore had to quarantine,
    I’m having a hard time understanding why the Synod didn’t mandate the vaccine. One of the ministers goes into my Dad’s nursing home to give him communion. I am very uncomfortable with his decision not to get vaccinated. Do I have a right to say something to him?


  2. Some LCMS pastors are balking at the vaccine because of how it was developed. Apparently, the first test of many drugs are on human cells in a dish. These cells are grown from a line that traces back to an aborted fetus in Finland decades ago. While I don’t see a reason to reject medicines (and there are others) because of this, I also don’t understand the necessity to grow human cells for this purpose


    1. He’s very conservative so I’m sure that is why he has refused the vaccination. I’ve heard that argument before. My Mom & Dad have both been vaccinated so I’m sure they are safe. Probably not worth making it an issue. Thank you.


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